Kane ‘could leave Spurs’ says Rooney

Rooney: trophies will decide Kane’s Spurs future

Everton striker Wayne Rooney says that Harry Kane could leave Tottenham if they fail to win any silverware within the next two seasons.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show, Rooney described Kane as the “best striker in Europe” and said that “his motivation is going to change from goals to trophies”.

“He can go where he wants to, he’s that good,” said Rooney. “He is like a young Alan Shearer. He scores all different types of goals. The problem that Tottenham are going to have is that his motivation is goals, but his motivation is going to change from goals to trophies.

“And if Tottenham don’t win trophies in the next year, maybe two, he is going to want to move elsewhere to win trophies. That is a decision he is going to have to make in the next year or two, but Tottenham have also got to make a decision – bring more players in and have a real push to win the Premier League.”

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